Moving Tips

Try these simple tips to keep your move as organized and stress-free as possible!

  • Pack in advance to be sure that all items are ready to go upon our arrival, as this will cut down on cost.
  • Empty out and ensure that refrigerators and freezers are free of frost.
  • As much as is possible during a move, have a clear walkway in and out of each room to be moved.  It may be easier to have pets or young children stay with a neighbor to ensure that they do not obstruct the pathway and accidentally injure themselves.
  • Fully seal each box, with the room location and what items are or are not going to each site clearly marked.
  • If a box is not covered and sealed, please be prepared to sign a liability release in the event that the contents may spill out.
  • In order to save time, dresser drawers do not have to be emptied fully as long as there are no breakable, liquid, or high value items inside.
  • Use moving quality boxes that are fully taped on top and bottom.
  • Use painter’s tape and post-it notes to clearly mark which room specific boxes or items go to. Mismatched boxes or items can cause delays in packing and unpacking the truck.
  • Ensure that large floor lamps are properly boxed.
  • Disassemble and secure any complicated items ahead of time, such as multi-piece entertainment centers, baby cribs, swing sets, etc.
  • Take mirrors off dressers and disassemble beds in each room.
  • Unhook washing machines and dryers. During the move, it may be time to replace older hoses or dryer vents, especially if they have been on for several years.
  • Clear out attics, basements, or other tight spaces as much as possible.
  • Be sure that any gas appliances, such as gas dryers or propane grills have been properly disconnected. We will not unhook gas of any kind.
  • Unhook TVs, computers, stereos, or similar electronics.
  • If moving to or from condominiums, apartments, offices, or retirement homes, make sure to know where to park a large sized moving truck, and make sure to reserve any elevators that will be needed. In addition, find out if movers are only allowed during certain times.
  • When loading a truck or portable container (such as a Zippy Shell), be sure to have a lock available to secure the door(s) and container(s). When unloading, make sure that you have a key available to avoid delays in time. In the event of a lost key, please notify our office if you will need our crew to bring bolt cutters to the job site.
  • Wait on getting to know your new neighbors until after the move is complete.