Modern Moving Solutions


Crocker Moving Services in Birmingham, AL can handle as much of your move as you’d like, whether that’s packing, moving, and unpacking, or simply loading and unloading the trucks. We understand that moving can become a difficult endeavour in many ways. There are so many factors involved that even the best planning can’t sometimes predict. Recently, we had a situation come up which required some on-the-spot brainstorming and we’re pretty proud of how successful the move turned out to be. 

Our client was moving into a house that sits on a hillside and the driveway was quite steep. So steep, in fact, that it was not safe for the rental truck to drive up it or for anyone to unload the truck at that angle. How did we unload the truck and move the family into their new home? First, they parked the rental truck on the roadway at the base of the hill. Then, we were able to back our side-access Crocker Moving truck up against the back of the rental truck (see picture). Our side-access capabilities allowed us to walk the furniture and items from the rental into our truck then up the ramp that helped us get a head start up the driveway! We used modern tools and equipment, years of experience, and highly-trained movers to make their move go as smoothly as possible. 

Whatever your move throws at you, Crocker Moving services in Birmingham, AL will be there to come up with and implement a solution. The right equipment, highly-trained movers, and experience creates the perfect formula for a successful, stress-free move, whether down the street or across the state. 

That’s what makes us say “we’re a different kind of moving company.” Contact us today to schedule a free on-site estimate and let us put together the perfect moving plan for you!

Disclaimer: Our Moving Tips page includes a few restrictions we do have in regards to packing, the utilities in your former house, and liability.