Make your Move Stress-Free with These Helpful Organization Tips

Packing and unpacking your whole house never makes anyone’s “Top 10 Favorite Things” list, does it? No one wants to live surrounded by mountains of boxes. How do you organize your cardboard kingdom to make a smooth transition into your new home?

We have a few ideas for you, whether you like to feel organized or are 100%, no doubt about it Type A. These packing and unpacking systems are designed to help you and your Crocker Moving team!

Colors and Numbers

Most people write “Kitchen” or “Living Room” on their moving boxes, but then your movers have to read each box and then figure out which room is the living room (since it’s not always super obvious depending on the house layout). This system is designed to cut through the chaos!

Assign each room a number and number your boxes accordingly. Then write those numbers in a large font on sheets of paper that you can put on each room’s doorframe. Don’t forget the numbers for the basement or storage areas too! That way, when we start bringing boxes in from the trucks, we can easily figure out which rooms they go in. Then all of your stuff for that room is already in there, ready to be unpacked. Wanting something more detailed? No worries, we have an even better suggestion.

List Method

This method takes a little more time and effort on the front end but makes unpacking so much easier in the end. Each room is designated a number, as with the process above, BUT then each box also receives its own unique number. Let’s say the kitchen’s series of numbers is 200. Then you have a box with your plates and bowls labeled #201. The box with cups is #202, so on and so forth. Let us further explain…with a list.

Step 1: Assign each room a number series- 100, 200, 300, etc. Get your supplies ready. A pen, marker, paper on a clipboard or in a notebook, tape, boxes, and whatever you’re packing.

Step 2: Designate one (or more) sheets of paper for each corresponding room. Using our kitchen example, the first sheet will be labeled “Kitchen 200”, then list out the numbered boxes.

Step 3: Write out a general list of what’s in each box. Example:
“Kitchen 200
Silverware, serving platters, serving utensils
Plates, kitchen towels, cloth napkins”

It doesn’t have to be too specific, but enough to help you unpack efficiently. Plus, it will be easier than writing “Kitchen- silverware, serving platter, serving utensils” on every box with a squeaky, stinky marker.

Step 4: Seal up the items in the box and repeat for your whole house.

It sounds a little excessive, but you can easily get the hang of it! It will help eliminate stress when you arrive at your new house and are looking for something specific. You can refer to your sheets and figure out which box you need to open without having to tear open box after box in the search. Plus, it really helps make sure everything ends up in its respective room.

Using these packing and moving tips will make your move less stressful and will help us move you into your new home smoothly and easily. Transition isn’t always easy, but we are here to help make it better. We look forward to helping you and your color-coded boxes move!